Illustrator - Painter - Printmaker
Dean Mattioli graduated in 2020 from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in General Fine Arts and a concentration in Illustration. Dean works primarily in 2D through painting, printmaking and digital means. As well as some video and animation. While continuing his personal arts practice he is also designing and printing for The Downtown Bookstore a clothing brand he runs with some close friends. He also is currently working at Carousels’s Press in Brooklyn NY as a Screen Printing Instructor and Shop Technician.
Artist Statement
Through two dimensional and video work. I seek to highlight certain elements of suburban life that I find strange and often humorous. This way of life I had always considered normal having grown up in the suburbs, this sense of normality had also been reenforced by how suburban life was represented in pop culture. Once I left the suburbs however I realized it was not quite so normal and it started to feel somewhat strange to me. So through my work I attempt to make these things feel as strange to the viewer as they do to me. I often do this by reflecting other kinds of visual media where suburban life is traditionally represented. In my work however I break away from this traditional representation to better suit my understanding of suburban life.